Soldered IML-label

Are you looking for new solutions for packaging your goods?

IML technology is the most advanced method of decorating rigid plastic containers today.

What makes IML technology unique?

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  • Fake protection

    Use of IML-technology provides product protection against forgery: due to technological complexity to falsify the packaging is impossible.

  • Cost reduction

    Reached by excluding customer's additional cost of label application with the help of automated lines or manual work.

  • Ecology

    The product and label consist of the same polymer raw materials, can be easily recycled and are safe for food and domestic use.

  • Processability

    Soldered label has a single monolithic adhesion to the surface, which reduces damaging risks, gives high resistance to mechanical, chemical and temperature influence; resistant to moisture, the heat, microwaves, scratches, doesn't split or make any folds.

  • Resistance to UF

    IML label printing uses high-quality pigments with light fastness over WS5 - WS8, which guarantees good looks of a finished product and its longer life.

  • Variability

    One and the same plastic container can have a label with various decorative effects. This allows you to highlight your product on the shelf.

  • Container walls resistance increased by 15-20%

    Soldered label helps to protect the container against the deformation, which arises during storage or transportation (e.g. a container fall)

  • Product packaging speed increased by 10-20%

    Reached by excluding customer's additional cost of label application with the help of automated lines or manual work.

  • Branding and promotion

    IML-technology provides the highest quality of labelling. Therefore a customer has a growing feeling of product attractiveness, brand value increases, trade mark becomes notable.

Types of films IML labels

The effect film

Orange peel

The effect film

White glossy film

The effect film

White matte film

The effect film

Transparent glossy film

The effect film

Transparent matte film

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Useful to know

Metallized coating

To draw customer's attention is the packaging purpose.
Our IML-labels with Metallic IML FOIL and Metallic IML INK create a special metal effect, which makes any products notable on the counter or in the shopwindow.

Double sided printing

Reasons why your packaging benefits from using this technology:
- how to use the product (e.g. a recipe);
- say thank you for purchasing;
- display the scale;
- information about the site or promotions;
- promote other sales by advertising them

Matte coating "Vintage" on paper

Prefer vintage or retro style? Then matte texture will fit your needs! Using a well-designed label, which looks like a paper one, and our matte soldered label, you can achieve a paper look and texture of the packaging. Thus you can create a packaging with a soldered label that looks like a paper one. Moreover it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Ultra gloss coating

A shiny label easily makes IML-packaging notable. In addition, ultra gloss soldered label gives a high-class luxurious look to the packaging.

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